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The Coordinator of Drug Prevention and Education provides support services to students in matters related to substance abuse, working with school personnel, law enforcement officials, community agencies, the juvenile court system and parents/guardians. 

Pupil Service

Name e-Mail Position Phone
Ashley Torres ******[at] Nurse for MVES 304-586-0500  + 2830

Pupil Services

Name e-Mail Position Phone
Stacy Adkins ******[at] Nurse for WES and WMS 304-586-0500  + 3330
Jayne Duncan ******[at] Nurse for BES, BHS, GWES, and GWMS 304-586-0500  + 3530
Lori Fizer ******[at] Nurse for WTES & Alternative School 304-586-0500  + 3230
Jana Hodges ******[at] Nurse for CES, HES, PCTC, and WHS 304-586-0500  + 4330
Nicole Hudson ******[at] Nurse for HHS 304-562-9851
Melanie Kearns ******[at] Nurse for PES, PMS, and PHS 304-586-0500  + 4330
Elizabeth Krall ******[at] Nurse for LES and HMS 304-586-0500  + 3630
Linda Parsons ******[at] Nurse for EES, RBES, STES, and and Collaborative PK 304-586-0500  + 2330
Delberta Riffe ******[at] Nurse for CSES and HTES 304-586-0500  + 2630
The Putnam County Board of Education believes that regular school attendance is vital to a student's academic program. Statistics indicate that classroom grades and test scores improve with good attendance. In order to realize maximum instructional benefits, students must attend school regularly and be on time to classes. Regular school attendance and punctuality develop self-discipline and responsibility. Not only must the compulsory school laws be enforced, but also regular attendance for all students must be encouraged and expected.

More information on attendance may be found in section S.3 of the county policy manual and in the file cabinet below.

Pupil Services

The Department of Pupil Services oversees all aspects of student support services, including attendance, exceptional education, safe and drug-free schools, school counseling, nurses, homebound instruction, alternative education program, and English as a Second Language. Click here for information on exceptional and gifted education.

English as a Second Language
ESL services are provided at each school on as as-needs basis by a certified ESL instructor. ESL Instructors deliver a comprehensive program for children with limited English proficiency, using instructional management system models that lead to increased student learning. The teacher serves as a liaison between the parents or guardians and the educational community, assists regular teachers of LEP students in modifying their instructional programs and in assessing and grading LEP students.

Homebound Instruction
Putnam County Schools provides home-teaching or visiting-teacher services for students who are homebound due to injury or who, for any other reason as certified by a licensed physician, are homebound for a period that has lasted or will last more than two (2) weeks.

Five (5) groups of students eligible to receive home/hospital instruction:
  1. Students with injuries, communicable illnesses, or health prob­lems/conditions which prevent the student from attending school for more than two (2) weeks. This group includes regular education students and disabled students.
  2. Students who are temporarily removed from school while undergoing evaluation required by safe schools violations.
  3. Disabled students placed in an Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES) for safe schools violations.
  4. Students enrolled in the Alternative Education Night Program.
  5. Students who have been expelled from school.
Provision of home/hospital instruction for any student requires documentation or verification by a licensed physician of an injury, health problem or a condition that requires that student to be homebound or hospitalized for a period that has lasted or will last more than two (2) weeks.

File Cabinet


Central Office

9 Courthouse Drive Winfield WV  | 304-586-0500  
Name e-Mail Position Phone
Pam Baldwin ******[at] Secretary - Exceptional Education & Pupil Services 304-586-0500  + 1154
Dr. Penny Fisher ******[at] Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Pupil Services 304-586-0500  + 1109
Ruth Garrett ******[at] Coordinator of Attendance 304-586-0500  + 1117
Danielle Gillispie ******[at] Coordinator of Drug Abuse Prevention 304-586-0500  + 1152
Annette Pratt ******[at] Director of Exceptional Education 304-586-0500  + 1111
Gloria Thompson ******[at] Secretary - Exceptional Education & Pupil Services 304-586-0500  + 1112
Shelley Trador ******[at] Secretary - Attendance 304-586-0500  + 1149