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Middle Childhood Education 6-8

The goals of the Putnam County Middle School Program are centered on developing an educational experience appropriate to the needs of the transescent (10 to 14 year old) learner.  It is designed to deal with the present so that each student may be better prepared to cope with the tremendous physical, intellectual, social and emotional changes taking place during preadolescence.
Putnam County’s middle school philosophy recognizes that students in the preadolescent years are going through a very difficult stage in human development and that the purpose of the middle school is to develop each student’s maximum potential by application of an appropriate school experience.
The program seeks to aid the development of the learner through the removal of obstacles to growth and replacing them with an atmosphere of flexibility and accommodation to student needs and interests.  It is the purpose of the middle school instructional team to work together in such a way that collectively utilizes the talents of professionals to assist each student in developing mastery of those life skills of reading, writing, speaking and computing.

Gifted Education
Gifted Education falls under the auspices of Exceptional Education. In Putnam County Schools, the middle school gifted classes are housed at the Putnam Career & Technical Center. Students enrolled in the program through the IEP travel to PCTC from their home schools once weekly.

Summer School
Summer school courses are offered on a tuition basis for middle school students who need to make up credits or who have not been able to obtain all credits needed for graduation. All summer school sessions maintain the same standards as those offered in the regular school term. Summer school course offerings are subject to demand


Central Office

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