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Early Childhood Education K-5

Putnam County Schools offers a comprehensive early childhood curriculum for students in prekindergarten through fifth grade. Core curricular areas in the early childhood program include reading/English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health and wellness (including physical education), and music. Twenty-first Century skills are integrated into all content areas in order to provide students with the competencies they need to succeed in a modern, global society.
In kindergarten through grade two, teachers emphasize mastery of basic skills in reading/English language arts and mathematics through print-rich environments, the use of hands-on learning, and the integration of technology.  Other subject areas are integrated into the classroom instruction in a manner that allows students to master essential content and in a manner that supports the acquisition of strong reading, language arts, math, and 21st Century skills.
In grades three through five, teachers use a variety of instructional strategies and flexible schedules based on formative assessments to provide instruction in all subject areas to allow students to master the essential content. Schedules are flexible enough to provide intervention for students who are below mastery in basic skills.
As technology is increasing as both a tool and a skill for learning, schools use networked computer labs for basic technology instruction, completion of county and state assessments, and as an integral part of instruction. Each classroom also has a number of individual computers utilized daily as part of every curricular area.
Health and wellness are essential to the success of our students. Putnam County Schools provides physical education classes at each of the elementary schools, normally utilizing the cafeteria space for instruction. All students receive physical education at least 30 minutes three times per week, either in the physical education setting or through structured recess periods.
Putnam County Schools believes that art appreciation is essential to a well-rounded student, and therefore, provides general music education to all students from kindergarten through fifth grade. As technology becomes increasingly important in the production of music, schools attempt to dedicate classroom space to music education; however, not all schools are able to provide a music classroom, therefore, some music teachers travel from classroom to classroom to provide instruction.
The comprehensive elementary program builds a good foundation for success at the middle childhood level. Questions regarding specific curricular issues or the design of individual instructional programs should be addressed to the Director of Early Childhood Programs.
Gifted Education
Gifted Education falls under the auspices of Exceptional Education. In Putnam County Schools, the elementar school gifted classes are housed at West Teays and Winfield Elementary Schools. Students enrolled in the program through the IEP travel to these sites from their home schools once weekly.


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