Finance Department

In accordance with West Virginia Code and State Board of Education Policy, the Putnam County Board of Education has instituted fiscal management policies and regulations designed to assure the citizens of the county as well as the West Virginia Board of Education that sound business practices are being followed. The county utilizes a uniform financial accounting system, following guidelines from the West Virginia Department of Education Treasurer's Handbook, Accounting Procedures Manual, and the Uniform Accounting Handbook II.


Central Office

9 Courthouse Drive Winfield WV  | 304-586-0500  
Name e-Mail Position Phone
Chris Campbell ******[at] Treasurer 304-586-0500  + 1114
Tammy Chapman ******[at] Coordinator of Information Services 304-586-0500  + 1159
Jodi Cochran ******[at] Accountant - Accounts Payable 304-586-0500  + 1116
Scott Coyner ******[at] Coordinator of Business 304-586-0500  + 1115
Melissa Foster ******[at] Accountant - Insurance/Retirement/Payroll 304-586-0500  + 1144
Dawn Gessel ******[at] Coordinator of Information Systems 304-586-0500  + 1155
Tracy Gunter ******[at] Coordinator of Accounting/Auditing 304-586-0500  + 1113
Shanna Leighton ******[at] Payroll Accountant 304-586-0500  + 1132
David Parkins ******[at] Coordinator of Accounting/Auditing 304-586-0500  + 1102
Beth Smith ******[at] Payroll Supervisor 304-586-0500  + 1146
Susan Talbott ******[at] Accounts Payable Supervisor 304-586-0500  + 1131