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District Quick Facts

You may access the Putnam County Schools Policy Manual here.

District Profile
The West Virginia Department of Education publishes profiles of the district with data on attendance, enrollment, staffing, assessment, etc. Click the here to view Putnam County  profile.

PCS Quick Facts
9346 students

   193 pre-k

4,297 elementary

2,085 middle school

2,771 high school

Schools: 23, including 14 elementary, 4 middle, 4 high, 1 career and technical center

Student Racial/Ethnic Distribution:  96% white, 2% African-American, 2% other 

Average Class Size: 20.8

Highly Qualified Teachers: 95.1% of classes are taught by highly qualified teachers

Number of Professional Employees: 760

Number of Service Employees: 435

School Board: non-partisan five member board elected by the general public to serve four year terms

School Buses: 120 buses; 83 drivers

County Area: 350.57 square miles

Number of Graduates in 2009: 599

Graduates Pursuing Higher Education: 65.0% (2007)