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Core Beliefs
This we believe..
  • Every student can learn and deserves an equitable, quality education.
  • Every school must provide a safe, nurturing environment that promotes learning.
  • Our curriculum and instruction must be appropriate and challenging to meet the needs of every student.
  • Our expectations must be high to result in high achievement.
  • Our homes, schools, and community must share responsibility for the education of our students.
  • We must provide the appropriate resources and support to prepare students for success in a diverse and changing world.
  • We must provide high quality staff development to create an effective learning community.

The MISSION of Putnam County Schools is to ensure that every student masters the curriculum and achieves academic success. We will dedicate our time, resources, and practices to closing the achievement gap, bringing all students to mastery and beyond, and preparing every student for success in a diverse and changing world. Working with the home and community, we will build a supportive system characterized by ethical behaviors, mutual respect, professionalism, and collaboration.
The goals of Putnam County Schools center on closing the achievement gap and bringing all students to mastery and beyond. Research shows that four variables directly affect student achievement, and that our schools and system control the quality of three of the four.

The variables or conditions that directly affect student achievement are the quality of curriculum, or "What we teach," the quality of instruction, or "How we teach," the overall school effectiveness, or "Where we teach," and the unique characteristics and background of the student, or "Whom we teach."
  • Curriculum - PCS will ensure that all students are taught an appropriately prioritized and sequenced K-12 curriculum that develops broad understanding, essential skills, and critical knowledge as defined by the WVDE Content Standards and Objectives and the mission and goals of Putnam County Schools.
  • Instruction - PCS will ensure that each classroom teacher utilizes research-based instructional design, management, delivery, and assessment systems that result in highly engaged students who master the essential curriculum.
  • School Effectiveness - PCS will ensure that all schools have the leadership, culture, and organizational practices consistent with effective schools research and possess the commitment, knowledge, and support to create structures and services that result in all students mastering the essential curriculum.
  • Student/Family Support - PCS will ensure that parents and students are treated as valued partners in the educational process, are given the support, encouragement and resources that enhance mastery of the essential curriculum, and are connected to school and community services that promote student success.
In Putnam County, we make no excuses for lack of success based on a student's race, ethnicity, socio-economic conditions, handicaps, or language limitations. Our goal is to create and maintain such high quality curriculum, instruction, and overall school effectiveness that those variables will largely negate the effects of any other negative conditions. Further, it is our goal that parents and students become our partners in learning, so that working together, we assure the academic success of every Putnam County student.

West Virginia Department of Education Goals
Putnam County Schools adheres to all goals established by the West Virginia Board of Education. The goals which follow have been enumerated and listed in the priority order assigned to them by the West Virginia Board of Education:
  1. Skills in reading, writing, spelling, perceiving, speaking, listening, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers, and using reference materials;
  2. The knowledge of governmental, social, and economic systems in order to make informed choices;
  3. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to function successfully in advanced academic and technical training programs and useful occupations;
  4. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to develop self esteem;
  5. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to the creative, visual, and performing arts to enrich the quality of their lives and provide an understanding of their culture and heritage;
  6. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to science and technology, rational decision making, and creative problem solving in order to function successfully in a high technological society; and
  7. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to health, safety, physical fitness, and recreation necessary to maintain an active mind and body.
Through the framework provided by the seven (7) goals stated above, a thorough and efficient system of education will be established in the Putnam County Schools by developing comprehensive county educational programs which provide (1) high quality educational programs and access to related services for all students, and (2) the opportunities for all students to achieve specified learning outcomes in each curriculum.