Poca Students Present at US Science and Engineering Expo

05/18/2012 by Karen Nowviskie

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(pictured: Caleb Kennedy, George Hamrick, Homer Hickam, Samantha Parkins, and teacher Tiffani Smith; not pictured: Cody Bailey)

Four members of the Poca High School Chapter of the Science National Honor Society operated a booth at the 2nd USA Science & Engineering Expo held in Washington, DC., recently.

Along with their teachers Tiffani Smith and Maureen Miller, Cody Bailey, George Hamrick, Caleb Kennedy, and Samantha Parkins represented Poca High at the Expo which featured over 3,000 exhibits and 40 authors.

The teachers were awarded a grant to cover the expenses for operating the booth through NASA. Their exhibit featured WV State emblems such as a black bear pelt, rhododendron plant and apple butter that enabled visitors to experience West Virginia through their senses.

Participants met well-known scientists such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, West Virginia scientist and author Homer Hickam, and Adam and Jamie from the TV show "Mythbusters".

*Information supplied by Maureen Miller, Poca High School.