Science Fair Results Announced

04/05/2012 by Mary Beckelhimer
2012 Putnam County Science Fair Results
Erika Klose, Coordinator
Individual Model:
1.       PMS       Katelyn Ragan                   Is Time Travel Possible?
2.       WMS     Madison Stamper            Tornadoes: Destruction from Above
3.       PMS       Emily Hoskins                     Winter
Honorable Mention
WMS             Brendan (Danny) Snyder              What is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy?
Individual Experiment:
1.       WMS     Samantha Nunley            The Kanawha River: Is It Safe?
2.       HMS      Kyle Casto                           Fowl Waste
3.       GWMS  Shauna Blake                     What is masked, we cannot see?
Honorable Mention
WMS             Maggie Rumbaugh          Goldfish Weight v. Fish Food
TVCS              Rachel Barnette                                How Short is Your Memory?
WMS             Tiffany Childers                 Dyeing to Find Out
WMS             Shannon Riley                   Which One?
Group Model:
1.       HMS      Ashleigh Young & Alyssa Ledbetter          Human DNA System      
2.       HMS      Garrett Gress & AnnaDyer           Use of Social Media and Its Relation to Student Characteristics and Self-Esteem
3.       HMS      Lauren Reese & Ryan Goff           Intestinal Gas: Should it be on the Periodic Table of Elements?
Honorable Mention:
HMS              Emma Blatt & Katelyn Shirkey    Juvenile Diabetes: Which is Better - Pump or Lantus?
HMS              Jonathan Giardina & Luke Lago & Seth Armstrong             Centripetal Force
Group Experiment:
1.       HMS      Kennedy Snavely & Jackson Snavely       Is Chocolate Milk Beneficial After a Workout?
2.       PMS       Cherokee Cox & Ashley Koontz                                 Batteries
3.       HMS      Bianca Benincasa & Justin Shoffner          Fruit Power: Can Fruit Be Used in the Production of Electricity
Honorable Mention:
TVCS              Olivia Dameron & Mikayla Myers              Pop Rocks
HMS              Rebecca Osborne & Shanda Settle           Color Catcher